WHY youXemotions™   ?

Emotions and the role they play in the customer experience are an important part of UX


There are numerous emotion capturing solutions but they can be intrusive, expensive, or bias your participants’ responses. youXemotions™ was created to avoid these emotion gathering pitfalls, and offers a lean, agile, unbiased method for self-reporting emotions during user research.

Flexible enough to be used
for all your research

Researchers love youXemotions™ because it removes moderator bias by allowing participants to self-report. Participants love youXemotions™ because it allows them to hone in on their feelings and report them in an easy to use and understandable format. This tool is flexible enough to be used for all your research needs at any part of the product life cycle.

A simple, cost-effective
and non-invasive solution

youXemotions™ is the most agile and non-invasive way to collect data. Because it doesn't require expensive and invasive biometric sensors, your participants feel comfortable and your sessions are more efficient. A recent study suggests that youXemotions™ outperforms audio and facial analysis in accurately reflecting people's emotional state. youXemotions™ is easy to use and provides graphical reporting that is easy to analyze.